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Crown & Bridge

At River City Dental Laboratory, we specialize in crafting crown and bridge solutions using high-quality materials such as multi-layered zirconia, PFM high noble, PFM non-precious metal, and E-MAX. Trust us for durable, aesthetically pleasing results that enhance your smile.

Dental Implants

At River City Dental Laboratory, we use noble Biocare.


We deliver unparalleled
accountability, industry-leading
quality, and peace of mind.

Fierce Mouthguards

Individually designed and fabricated
by experienced professionals,
Fierce Mouthguards™ offer premium protection. with different colors.


At River City Dental Laboratory, we excel in detail-oriented fabrication, using top-notch materials like IPN Denture teeth and high-quality acrylic for dentures, partials, and flippers. Trust us for precision and excellence in every smile we craft. And also add this content on denture banner as well.

Digital Impressions

Our culture of innovation drives us
to adopt only the best in
dental technology.