Digital Intraoral Scanner

An intraoral scanner is utilized by our staff to digitize impressions of your mouth. This cutting-edge technology enables us to more efficiently strategize your treatment, thereby ensuring that you receive the necessary attention. For more information on intraoral digital scanning in Wisconsin, please contact us today.

An advanced dental digital intraoral scanner is utilized in our office to generate three-dimensional images of the oral cavity. Our team is capable of capturing high-quality images of your teeth and supporting structures using an intraoral scanner. This facilitates problem diagnosis, the development of digital models of the oral cavity, and treatment planning. This apparatus acquires numerous full-color images, enabling us to differentiate between diseased and healthy tissue to strategize your treatment. By utilizing these images to generate precise models, we are additionally capable of ensuring that restorations and oral appliances function optimally and suit flawlessly, thereby enhancing your oral health and smile

Our team will employ a digital scanner that operates with a small wand to survey the interior of your mouth in a timely and comfortable manner. The images captured while the device traverses your teeth will be concurrently processed to generate an instantaneous, comprehensive, and exceedingly precise depiction of your oral cavity. Additionally, the images are automatically preserved every few seconds, eliminating the necessity for you to endure a second scan.

Contact our office immediately for more information regarding the advantages of digital scanning and to arrange a consultation with one of our periodontists. Our mission is to assist you in maintaining your charm.