Full Service Dental
Laboratory in Wisconsin

We are a small quality oriented full service Dental laboratory
established in 1997 all appliances are fabricated in the USA.
We provide service throughout United States and Canada

Welcome to River City Dental Laboratory

A full-service product suite that exceeds expectations

Professional dental laboratory River City offers a comprehensive range of dental appliances, including crown and bridge solutions, dentures and partials, digital dentures, and implants. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing top-quality dental care near you, ensuring that each patient receives personalized treatment tailored to their needs. Trust River City Dental Laboratory for expertly crafted dental appliances that restore function and enhance your smile.

Our Products

Our Dental Products

Dentures Oral Appliances That
Replace Missing Teeths

At River City Dental Laboratory, we excel in detail-oriented fabrication, using top-notch materials like IPN Denture teeth and high-quality acrylic for dentures, partials, and flippers. Trust us for precision and excellence in every smile we craft. And also add this content on denture banner as well.

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Our goal is to make sure
with advances in technology
and technique

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