It is recognized by the staff at River City Dental Laboratories that the preservation of oral health extends beyond the use of fixed, removable, and implant restorations. Patients may request from us a selection of mouthguards, prostheses, and appliances to address common issues.

Custom Fierce Mouthguards: Protect Your Smile and Unleash Your Inner Athlete

For athletes of all levels, protecting your smile during training and competition is paramount. A well-fitting, comfortable mouthguard absorbs impact, minimizes the risk of dental injuries, and allows you to perform at your peak without worry. Here at River City Dental Laboratory Wisconsin, we offer custom Fierce Mouthguards, a revolutionary solution for athletes seeking superior protection and personalized style.

Custom Fierce Mouthguards
Why Choose Custom Fierce Mouthguards?

Why Choose Custom Fierce Mouthguards?

Traditional mouthguards often come in generic sizes and lack the precise fit needed for optimal protection and comfort. Custom Fierce Mouthguards address these shortcomings, offering several key advantages:

Superior Fit and Comfort: Through a detailed impression process, Fierce Mouthguards are custom-made to perfectly conform to the unique contours of your mouth. This eliminates bulkiness and ensures a snug, comfortable fit that won’t slip or impede speech.

Enhanced Protection: Fierce Mouthguards are crafted from high-quality, multi-layered materials that effectively absorb and distribute impact energy. This significantly reduces the risk of dental injuries like chipped teeth, fractured jaws, and soft tissue lacerations during sports-related accidents.

Improved Performance: A comfortable, well-fitting mouthguard allows you to focus on your game without worrying about discomfort or potential injury. This can translate to improved performance, confidence, and a competitive edge.

Multiple Colors and Customization Options: Unlike generic mouthguards, Fierce Mouthguards offer a variety of aesthetic options. You can choose from a range of colors to personalize your mouthguard and express your unique style on the field or court.

Fierce Mouthguard Customization: Unleash Your Inner Athlete

Fierce Mouthguards take customization a step further with a variety of options to personalize your protective gear:

Multi-Color Fierce Mouthguards: Showcase your team spirit or personal style with multi-color Fierce Mouthguards. You can choose from various pre-designed color combinations or even create your custom design. Fierce Mouthguards can be personalized with your team logo, initials, or jersey number, adding a touch of professionalism and individuality to your mouthguard.

Fierce Mouthguard Customization: Unleash Your Inner Athlete
The Custom Fierce Mouthguard Creation Process

The Custom Fierce Mouthguard Creation Process

The custom Fierce Mouthguard creation process is quick, and convenient, and ensures a perfect fit:

Initial Consultation: During your initial consultation, your dentist will discuss your athletic activities, preferred level of protection, and any customization desires.

Taking Impressions: A precise impression will be made of your upper teeth to capture the unique contours of your mouth. This impression serves as the blueprint for crafting your custom Fierce Mouthguard.

Choosing Your Customization: This is where you can unleash your creativity! Discuss your desired color scheme or any personalization ideas with your dentist.

Fabrication: The impressions and customization details are sent to a dental lab where your custom Fierce Mouthguard is crafted to precise specifications.

Fitting and Delivery: Once your Fierce Mouthguard is complete, you’ll return to the dentist’s office for a fitting. Your dentist will ensure the mouthguard fits comfortably and securely.

Maintaining Your Custom Fierce Mouthguard

With proper care, your custom Fierce Mouthguard can provide years of reliable protection. Here are some tips for maintaining your mouthguard:

Rinse your mouthguard with clean water after each use.

Brush your mouthguard gently with a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove debris.

Store your mouthguard in a ventilated container to prevent bacterial growth.

Bring your mouthguard to your regular dental checkups for professional cleaning and inspection.

By investing in a custom Fierce Mouthguard, you’re investing in your oral health and athletic performance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference a perfectly designed, comfortable mouthguard can make.

Maintaining Your Custom Fierce Mouthguard

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